She was exhausted and confused, between the moment downstairs and now his word “always,” she didn’t know what to think. She had never had “always,” she relied on herself for as long as she could remember.  She wanted to word this carefully, “what happened down there, and don’t say I imagined it because I know I didn’t,” she said as he slid in next to her, pulling her to his chest.

She felt him tense against him, “well,” he had to tread lightly as to not scare her away, “we are three very dominating men, we wanted you to see a little bit of that.  It may have gotten out of hand, but when we saw how you reacted, we thought it was okay, were we wrong?”

She felt his fingers running up and down her arm, “no, it was overwhelming, and not in the bad overwhelming way.  I just felt surrounded by power, it was intense,” she paused, “I liked it.”

“Good, now get some sleep it’s been a crazy day.”

She was exhausted but her back hurt, her body was sore and she was feeling all tingly.  How the heck was she supposed to sleep?

“What’s wrong, you’re antsy, I can tell.”

“Well, honestly I’m sore” she said bashfully.

“Hmm, I think I know something that might help.  Take your top off and lie on your stomach, I’ll be right back.” She heard him as he left the room and decided to abide by his request.

Blake came barreling down the hallway right into Ty, “whoa, what’s wrong, is she okay?” he demanded.

“Yes, yes, she’s fine, I think she’s fighting some feelings she doesn’t understand, but more importantly she’s sore, do you have any lotion?”

Ty’s eyes flared, “yes, can we be nearby?”

Blake watched the desire burn in his brothers eyes, sure that the same desire reflected in his own, “yes, but we still have to be careful not to overwhelm her.  She’s in there on her stomach you can come in after me.”

“Is she ready,” Max asked appearing from around the corner.  “I think so, but if we’re all with her, who is watching the place.”

“My men, are on it, they know what is at stake.” Ty growled.

“Okay, then let’s go.”

She felt more than heard when he came back, something in the air changed.  She was laying there topless with the sheet hovering dangerously low around her butt.

“I have some oil, I’m going to massage your back, if it hurts or is too much, tell me.”

“Mmkay” she mumbled, she could already smell the oil and with his presence was beginning to relax. Then she felt his hands on her shoulders.  Ugh, she thought, his hands were heavenly on her back.  She didn’t want him to stop.  Then she felt the hesitation as he moved lower and she panicked and went to roll over, but he stopped her.

“Stop, just stop.  I’m not repulsed by what I see, I just don’t want to hurt you, the bruises look pretty deep and I’m trying to make you feel better not worse.” He scolded.

“Sorry,” she said her voice heavy, “but don’t stop please it feels so good.”

“Does your scar hurt?”

“No, it hasn’t hurt in a few months.”

“Would you like your legs and arms done too.”

“Oh yes, please” she moaned.

Blake nodded to his brothers, passing the oil to them as he began to knead his way lightly down over the bruises of her back, then watched as Ty began to work on one of her arms and Max started at her feet.

She relaxed as she felt Blake’s hands on her back, then she felt hands on her arm and feet, she struggled to move, but felt the pressure of Blake’s hands as another voice, maybe Ty’s whispered in her ear, “Hush, relax, let us take care of you.”  His voice was soothing and she had never felt so pampered, well, ever.  So she forced herself to relax and give in to the sensations that were covering her. The brothers felt as the tension began to leave her body beneath their touch and began to truly work their magic.

She felt their fingers digging deeper into her skin and she couldn’t withhold the moan that left her lips any longer.  “God, that feels so good, all of it.”

“Good, now roll over baby. I want to get your front.” Blake said.

She stiffened, no not her front, she didn’t have a chance to really think it over as three sets of hands lifted and flipped her.  They pushed her lower on the bed and Ty sat behind her head, Blake at her side and Max at her feet.  She tensed knowing that they would see the bruises on her stomach.  She had her eyes scrunched tight and felt as Blake’s fingers traced the bruises on her stomach, while Max gently caressed the scars on her legs.

“Open your eyes,” Ty said softly.  She couldn’t, she didn’t want to see their pity.  She felt Ty’s hands tense against her neck, “Open your eyes Izzy.” There was no negotiation in his voice.

She opened her eyes to find his eyes blazing as he looked down at her.  “Nobody will ever harm you again, they will have to go through all us.  You are ours and nobody hurts what is ours.  We will care for you, protect you, adore you.  Do you understand?”

In that moment she wanted to believe everything that he said, wanted to believe that they would do those things but she knew what would happen.

“Don’t even say it, Izzy.  We are here, we are big boys, while we may be gentle with you now, you know we can take care of ourselves and you know we can give you what you want, what you need.   We are choosing to take you in, we want to be with you and you’re going to have a hard time trying to get away from us, so don’t even try.” Max said.

She swallowed looking at each man, before slowly nodding, “I understand.”



The men around her stood and began to clear the dishes, Izzy stood to help and was quickly reprimanded.

“Go sit on the couch and relax, we can handle this,” Ty said.

“Are you sure,” she asked.

“Yes, I think three grown men can clean up a kitchen,” Max said smiling, carrying dishes towards the sink.

“You’re surprisingly domestic,” she said.

All three men paused what they were doing and looked at her.

“Well, um” she cleared her throat, “it’s just that, um, you’re all very big men, and you don’t look like, um, very homey.” She rushed on, “it’s just that you look like you could really be rough on some people, I’m sorry, foot in mouth.”

All three men burst out laughing at her and she tried not to laugh, then a slow smile snuck across her face.

“Well, I’m quite glad I didn’t offend any of you.”

Blake strode towards her and stood within an inch of her, damn he’s tall, she thought, “oh sweetheart, we may look mean, but we can be pretty gentle when we want to be.” He was standing right in front of her, as she looked into his eyes she saw his passion for her flaming through them.  He brought his hand up and she felt him lightly brush her cheek.  She closed her eyes, feeling sensations rip through her body.  She felt his fingers touch softly on her lips and she nearly moaned aloud.

Then he was gone and Max stood before her.  “We can be reckless and hard lovers” his hand trailed lightly up her back “but we can make you cum a hundred different ways.”  She felt her body flush at his words as she arched her back to his touch and then he too was gone.

She almost frowned, “ah baby girl, don’t frown” Ty said quietly.  “When you’re ready we’ll be gentle with you, you’ll be the only woman who matters to us, and we will take you places you never thought existed.”  She felt his fingers lightly stroking her arm upwards to her face, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his path.  She shivered.  “When you’re ready love.”

Then he too was gone and when she opened her eyes to look at them, she expected to see them staring back at her, but they were busy gathering dishes.  She was so confused, and horny, if she was honest with herself.  She didn’t know what to do with herself at this point so she walked over to the plump couch, curled up in the corner and passed out.

“She needs to sleep” Max said.

“Yeah, I’m sure she hasn’t processed everything that’s happened to her and we go and do that to her,” Blake replied.

Ty put his hand on Blake’s shoulder, “you saw how she reacted to us, she trusts us, otherwise she would have shied away.”

“I know, we just need to protect to her now, do you have any idea how to keep those men away from her?  I can’t believe they fucking did that to her.  If anyone comes near her…”

“I know Blake, we’ll keep her safe, but we need them to come after her so we can figure out what their end game is” Max said quietly.

“For now,” Ty began, “we need to get her to bed.  We can take shifts with her.  It’s early, we can do three-hour shifts, if everyone is okay with that.” The other brothers nodded, “I’ll take her up and do the first shift” Blake said.

She felt as Blake gathered her gently in his arms and pressed her close against him.  He felt as she snuggled into his chest and that only made him hold her tighter.  As he walked to the bedroom he realized he wanted this woman, and he knew his brothers did too. Could she handle all of them?  It would be a package deal, if one wanted her and felt strongly about her, they all would.  Never had they all fallen for one woman and as he watched every one this evening he saw it as a real possibility.  They wanted to protect her, care for her, adore her.

He lowered her to the bed and watched as her eyes slowly opened, filled with a sleep induced haze that made his dick harden. “We’re going to take shifts with you as you sleep, go back to sleep,” he managed to croak out.  “Will you lay with me?” she asked sleepily.  “Always, baby, “he murmured crawling into bed with her.


She walked out of the bathroom to three men surrounding the door, each with a different expression on their face.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many men concerned over little ole me at once,” she laughed.

They all visibly relaxed and she realized she had laughed and was surprised.  She wasn’t cowering, she actually felt comfortable and okay.  As if they could read her mind, Max asked “are you doing okay?”

“Yes, I think I really am. Do you think that I could have something to eat and just stay here tonight?  I’m not trying to intrude, I just think I could use the sleep,” she asked shyly.

Ty pulled her into a hug and grinned at her, “you’re not going anywhere until I’m sure everything is safe for you, and even then these knuckleheads probably still won’t let you leave.”

Izzy scowled, “Now, wait just a minute, you guys have lives to attend to and I’m not trying to disrupt it.”

“Ah, baby girl trust me, I wouldn’t have it any other way and neither would they,” Ty said. “Now what do you want to eat?”

“Mmm, anything, I just realized how hungry I was.”

“When was the last time you ate?” Blake asked.

“Um, this morning I had some fruit.”

“That’s all you’ve had?!” Ty said.

“Mm, yeah I guess so.”

“Oh goodness let’s go fatten you up!” Ty said, pulling her towards the kitchen.

They all laughed and Blake and Max followed them into the kitchen. They sat and enjoyed a delicious meal of spaghetti, salad and garlic bread.  It was a relaxed atmosphere between the four of them, as if they were a small family.  It was comforting and comfortable for her, she didn’t really understand the feelings that it stirred deep inside her. As she looked around the room at the smiling faces, she felt her guard drop for a moment as she allowed herself to feel safe.

Blake watched her from across the table and saw the brief lapse in her shield.  She was beyond beautiful even with her guard up, but when he saw her eyes clear of the glassy-eyed expression that was glued to her face; he knew that he wanted to rid her of that look forever.


She heard the door close quietly behind her, she stood there for a moment taking in the smell wafting from the tub and the view around her.  Slowly she began to remove her clothes aware of the pain now radiating from her back.  It could be worse, she thought to herself.

She left her clothes in a neat pile on the sink and stepped into the water.  It was hot and as she sank down she bit her lip to keep herself from crying out, unaware of the silent tears roll down her face.  The closer the water got to her wounds, the more intense the pain got.  She could hear the sound of murmured voices outside the door and made an effort to keep her noises quiet as to not interrupt the men outside.  As the water reached her back, she let out an unintentional cry.

“Izzy you okay,” a voice demanded at the door.

“I’m sorry, I’m fine, it’s just the water hitting my back for the first time.”

There was a grumbling at the door and she was left again to ease the rest of her way in.  The water felt wonderful and the jets massaged her exhausted body.  As she heard the murmur of voices again outside the door she tried to relax.

“I want details now” Ty growled to his brothers.

Max started explaining what happened starting from the bar, “and now we’re here.  I don’t want to let her out of my sight until I’m sure she is out of danger.”  He paused looking at his brothers, “And even then I’m not sure that I want to let her out of my sight.”

“You and I both, but how can we keep her safe, I’m sure even now she’s considering running,” Blake said touching Max’s shoulder.

“She can stay here” he looked at his brothers faces “you can all stay here, one of us will be here at all time.  I’ll make sure my men are on high alert for any individuals that are out of the ordinary,” Ty said.  “We’ll catch them soon, I’m sure.  If they’re as determined as you say, they won’t stay away long, especially since Senator Miller is probably receiving the news that she’s been taken under the wing of the Morgan brothers,” he grinned.

They heard the water sloshing and immediately went to the door.

“Sweetheart you okay?”  Blake asked through the door.

“Yeah I’m just trying to get out. I feel much more relaxed now, thanks to you.  I’m a little tired and maybe a little hungry.”

“We can help on all those accounts, get yourself dry and put on that robe, come on out, and we’ll take good care of you,” Ty said.

They heard her sigh through the door, “that actually sounds amazing.  I’m coming out.”


“Where are we?” she asked.

“We’re actually at one of the underground entrances to my hotel.  We’re going to head up to my penthouse and we’ll figure out something then.” Blake said guiding her into the elevator.  They rode in silence up to the top of the elevator.  The elevator doors opened to the penthouse, but she didn’t really take in the surroundings around her.

“Um, this place wouldn’t happen to have a shower I could use, would it?” she asked anxiously.

Blake watched as anxiety, worry and doubt flashed through her eyes.

“Of course, or there’s a huge bathtub in there if you would prefer that.”

Her eyes flickered with interest, “a big bathtub, so I could like lay comfortably in it?”

“With jacuzzi jets,” a new deep voice answered behind her.  She jumped backwards and nearly fell over a table that was next to her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you.” his deep voice was soothing and soft. “I’m Ty.”

She blushed furiously, “No, I’m sorry, I jump at anything.  It’s nice to meet you.”

She held out her hand and his large one engulfed hers, “the pleasure is all mine.”

She smiled.  “What’s this I hear about some trouble?” he asked grinning at his brothers.

Blake took her hand, “Can we show him?”  She nodded lowering her gaze.

“Hey,” he said tipping her head up, “you have nothing to be ashamed of, do you understand me?”

She again nodded watching the anger flicker in his eyes; she turned around slowly as he lifted the back of her shirt up towards her head.  She felt a finger trace the line of the old bruises, and scar into the new one and she grimaced in pain.

“I’m so sorry love, come, you definitely need a nice relaxing bath.” Ty took one of her hands and guided her to what she thought was a master bedroom into the master bath.

“Oh wow,” she muttered. It was beyond beautiful, it was tiled in what looked like marble, there was a sunken garden tube that was ten times bigger than anything she had ever seen and the shower was at the end of the room and she counted at least ten jets. The sinks and counter space spanned the length of the opposite side of the tub and there was still room for what appeared to be a closet.  She watched as Ty turned on the water and poured what she thought was lavender into the water.  He went and grabbed a plush robe for her to wear after she was a done and a soft towel for her to dry off in.

Suddenly panic gripped her and she went and grabbed Ty’s arm.  “Promise you won’t go far,” she whispered as panic laced her voice.

His hand covered hers, “I promise, we’ll even sit out here in the bedroom, and wait for you.”

She sighed, releasing the death grip on his arm,  “thank you so much, I know I’m ruining your evening, but thank you.”

“You’re not ruining anything, love, okay?  Now go relax, and just yell if you need anything.”

Surprising herself she hugged him, “thank you.”

He pulled her close careful of her back and hugged her tightly to him, “you’re very welcome.”

She pulled away, a small smile crossing her face as she turned to the tub.


Blake stepped out of the apartment first and pulled her behind him then Max stepped in line behind her.  They kept her close between them, she could feel the heat radiating off of them and flushed.  She had just been beaten and now she’s between these two beautiful men, she shouldn’t be feeling anything right now but her emotions were everywhere right now.  She needed to just calm down and deal with one thing at a time.  She shouldn’t be feeling whatever she was feeling right now.  She cleared her mind and tried to focus on the walk back to the car.  Before she knew it they were back at the bar and they were helping her into the back of their SUV.

“You okay, sweetheart?” Blake asked.

“Yeah, I think so.”

“I’m going to sit back here with you and we’ll keep an eye out to make sure we’re not followed.  Max is going to call ahead and let the hotel know the situation and that we’re on the way.”

“Okay,” she wished she could form a coherent statement, something to show them that she was not some freaking meek girl.

Instead she found herself on Blake’s lap, his arm lying protectively across her body.  In that moment she felt safe and she found herself finally relaxing.

Blake could feel as the tension started to leave her body, in that moment he knew he would do whatever it took to protect her.  There was something about her, that called to him and he knew he wouldn’t be able to let her go.  He began to stroke her arms softly and felt her breathing slow and even out. He kissed the top of her head and felt her snuggle closer to his body.

She felt the kiss on her head and a soft sigh of content left her lips and she snuggled deeper into his arms.  She felt his arms wrap a little tighter and smiled.  For the first time in a long time she felt safe and she drifted off to sleep.

She woke to Blake shaking her gently, “we’re here, you ready?”

She felt slightly embarrassed, “I’m sorry, yes.”

She went to move, and he tightened his grip “Why are you sorry?”

“Um, because I fell asleep in your lap.”

“Don’t ever be sorry about that, I’m glad you did, you’re free to fall asleep on me anytime you want,” he grinned.

“And me!” Max said grinning at her. She grinned back as he helped her out of the back of the car.


“What?” she cried out. “What are you not understanding?! Don’t you understand, you’ll be in danger?  I don’t want your injuries or worse your death on my conscience, I couldn’t handle that.”

“That was not the deal, the deal was if we said that it’s too much then we would let you go.  We never said it was too much.” Blake said firmly.

Both he and Max had stood and were staring at her. She began shaking her head, she felt all she did was shake her head since she met these men.  But she just didn’t understand.

“Why, it doesn’t make sense, you don’t know me.”

“Do you have any idea who I am or what I do?” Blake asked.  She shook her head.  He walked towards her with Max at his side.

“I’m Blake Morgan.” She started to panic, her mind racing, she hadn’t been there long, but she had been there long enough to see all the hotels in the area.

“Of Morgan Hotels?” She whispered.  He nodded.  “Oh my god what I have done, you’re important, in the spotlight.”   She had to leave, she couldn’t bring him into her mess.

“You should have told me who you were!” she said angrily.

“You never asked,” Blake replied.  “This is Max Morgan, my brother, and head of security.”

“We can keep you safe, but you need to tell us who you are running from.” Max asked gently. She looked at the men in front of her, contemplating her options.  She could keep running or selfishly try to protect herself, using the protection these men were offering her. She was so tired of running, tired of fighting by herself, but if it came down to saving herself or the men offering to protect herself, she would not hesitate to give herself up.

“Senator Miller” she whispered her head dropping.

“Beautiful,” Max said tipping her head up “we’re not scared of him, pissed off, yes, scared no.”

“I am though and” she began.

“Stop, we’ve made our decision we’re going to take care of you, whether you like it or not.  I’m taking you home with me.”  Blake said softly.  “Leave everything Izzy, take only what you absolutely have to.”

She looked around sadly, she had tried to give herself some sense of home and now she had to leave it all again, and start all over with nothing.

“I’ll just take my money, it will be enough for me to get a few things,” she whispered sadly.

“Oh, don’t be sad, sweet girl. I promise we’ll take care of you.”  Max said pulling her close.  She nodded and quietly walked to get the only thing she would be taking.

“I want to hunt the bastard down and beat the crap out of him.” Max said angrily.

“I know and trust me you’re not the only one, but she can’t handle that anger right now, hell, she hasn’t even dealt with what happened tonight yet.  When she does, we’ll be there, but we need to figure out something fast, from what she said, it feels like they’re escalating and if that’s the case, she’s in serious danger.” Blake said.

As she walked back into the room, both men smiled at her.  “Come on sweetheart, let’s get you out of here.  Are you feeling okay?” Blake asked.

She nodded, “just a little numb, when that wears off it’s going to hurt, but I’ll be fine.”

“And we’ll be with you.” Blake said.