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Kneel For Me (Final Part)

You walk me to the bed, laying me on my back. “On your knees, spread your legs and keep your ass in the air.” Your voice leaves me quivering in anticipation.  I quickly move to my knees and brace my weight evenly on my knees and hands.  I hear your clothing being tossed aside and my pussy tightens in anticipation.

“Ready pet? I’ve watched you come apart under my touch and now I want to feel you come apart on my cock.” I shiver at the bluntness of your words, but feel my pussy moisten ready to take you.  I feel your fingers graze the outer lips of my pussy lips.  I arch my back and push back slightly onto your hand. Immediately I feel the loss of your fingers and the sting of a slap on my ass cheek. “No! You will not move. You are mine and I will take whatever pleasure I choose. Do you understand my dirty slut?” you growl.

“Yes, Sir.” I whimper.  I force my body not to move and re position my body for you. “Hmm, good little slut, that is what I like to see.” Your voice deepens as you run your fingers back through my damp pussy lips. I moan softly and hold my body still as you shove two fingers into me.  “Please fuck me Sir.” I beg softly.

“I don’t think you’re ready, do you really want this cock in your pussy?” you whisper harshly plunging your fingers into me over and over again.  “Yes, yes, Sir, I need your cock Sir. Please fuck me. Fuck me hard Sir. I need your hard cock in my slut pussy, please Sir, I beg of you.” I don’t recognize the hoarse voice coming from me, but I am lost in the sensation of you and all I care about is feeling you.  I need you and all I can focus is on what you are giving me.

“Please Sir…” my voice trails off.  Without saying a word, you remove your fingers and shove your hard cock into my drenched, tight pussy.  I scream out at how rough and full I feel from you.  You don’t give me a chance to adjust to your size, you merely grip my hips and plunge into me over and over again.  I cry out at the fullness of you.  It is pain and pleasure every time you move inside of me.  I clench against you feeling you tighten with every thrust. I am moaning and crying out for you, begging for you.

“Slut, you are mine. Mine!” You growl and I feel your body tighten and your cock begin to jerk as you make your final thrust into me holding yourself tightly inside me, marking me, making me yours.

“Mine.” You whisper softly.

Kneel For Me (Part 3)

I shiver in anticipation.  My favorite flogger has thick leather strips mixed with a few fur strips.  For some reason that flogger takes me to a higher place.  He can administer more strokes because the fur adds an immediate soothing element. It takes the bite off too quickly for me.  I love it and hate it all at the same time because it keeps me on edge for so long.  After hearing what he wants to do to me, I see why he wants to use this on me.

You stroll slowly over to me the flogger loose in your hand by your side. I am greedy as I take your appearance in as you approach me, I doubt I will ever get my fill of you. I am still in the stance that you left me in. I want nothing more than to please you, but my knees are beginning to shake.  I see the scowl in your face.  “Is your knee bothering you, pet?” I hesitate to answer, fearing you will stop, before we even truly begin. “I will not stop, just adjust.” A small sigh of relief escapes me, “only a little Sir.”

You quickly snap the flogger against the front of my stomach so that it grazes my lower stomach, “you know better pet, the next time you are hurting you had better tell me. Adjust your legs so that you are comfortable.” I bow my head, disappointed that I have disappointed you and pull my legs so that they are shoulder width apart, “yes, Sir, I understand.”

You lift my head, “Good pet, are you ready?”  “Yes, Sir.”  “I think for your little indiscretion I’ll add another element to our play tonight.” You reach into your back pocket pulling out a black, silk blindfold.  My eyes widen, this is a step that we had not yet taken together.  “Do you trust me, pet?”  I nod.  “Verbal answer,” his voice is non-negotiable.  “Yes, Sir, I trust you.”  “Good. Gather your hair please.”  I quickly gathered my hair pulling it away from my face and you place the blindfold around my eyes plunging me into darkness.

“You will stand here and take however many lashes I give you, lace your hands behind your head and do not move.” “Yes, Sir.”  I wait for the first lash, the anticipation humming through my body, wondering where the first hit will come from.

I feel as the leather and fur trail across the top of my breasts, my nipples tightening, then it drops to my stomach and trails to my right hip and around to the swell of my ass and the sensation is gone.  I want to cry out at the loss of sensation.  Suddenly I feel the bite of leather against my back, the instant burn and softness shoots straight to pussy and wetness begins to pool between my legs.  I moan out loud and immediately a barrage of short, quick hits fall upon the soft skin of my back.  The sensations are taking me higher and higher, but it’s not enough to take me over.  You know this.  You begin to methodically lay marks across my lower back and across my ass and the moans I make quickly intermingle with pants. I struggle to keep my fingers laced behind my head as the hits continue and the burning sensation quickly melds to pleasure.

As soon as the hits begin it feels  as though they stop, I cannot see you but I know that you are standing in front of me and without a word you begin raining shots across my breasts.  I throw my head back and you stop, “You will keep your head upright as if you are looking at me, slut.”  Goosebumps cover my skin at your tone and words and I force my head upright and pull my gaze towards your voice. As soon as you are satisfied you begin to let the hits fly again. They cover my breasts, go down my stomach and I feel the bite and sting.  I am so close and yet so far from release. I need more.

Then you let the hits drift closer to my drenched pussy, my juices coating my inner thighs.   I cry out, tears crowding my eyes, I try to beg you with my eyes for more, to go lower, to give me what I need, to give me my release, but I am blinded to so.  You continue to torment me just grazing my thighs and around my pussy. I feel the burn in my thighs and across my stomach I need just a little more, “are you ready pet?”  “Please, Sir, I beg of you.” I moan, widening my stance.  You grin wickedly, “as you wish pet.”

Suddenly the hits become short, concise hits against my upper, inner thighs causing the strips to graze against my wetness and the lips of my pussy.  I widen my stance farther and the leather and fur strips graze closer. I need just a little more bite, I am so close.  My tears are flowing freely now, from frustration, ecstasy, from everything and then I feel the bite right against my clit and I fall apart.  I scream, in a voice that does not sound like my own, as I come apart from the high that you have given me, struggling to keep hold of my fingers against my head.

I feel the hits get lighter but this time they are all against my wetness and clit. You place your leg behind my body to help steady me, and remove the blindfold from my eyes, “come again for me pet and this time let me see you.” My eyes adjust to lighting in the room and search for you. I am still shaking from my last orgasm, “Sir, I don’t know that I can, I am too sensitive,” my voice hoarse, not sounding like my own.  “Now, you will come twice, instead of just once,” you growl as you pull the softness from the flogger and begin to rain bites onto my thighs and pussy lips.  “Come now for me pet and let me see your juices flow.”

I cannot fight the pain that you provide me, it gives me such pleasure and I lose myself in it.  I lose myself in the sensations and cry out never losing contact with your eyes as I let myself fall over and over.  Before I completely come down I am falling over again, the juices flowing freely down my legs and before I realize it I am collapsing and you have swept me in your arms.

“Pet, you have pleased me so, but we are just beginning.”

To be continued….

The Park

She was to meet him at midnight at their favorite park. He knew about her desire to play in public and he wanted to give that to her.  He also knew that she was still trying to come to terms with all of her wants and desires.  He wanted to give this to her and wanted to watch her come apart in the moonlight.

As she drove to the spot Sir had given her, she was curious as to what Sir had planned for her.  She was dressed in high heels, a skirt and white top, no bra and underwear, per Sirs instructions.  As she pulled into the parking lot she saw Sir waiting by his car.

He watched his little one pull up and he went to greet her.  Opening the door for her, he assisted her out of the car pulling her close and nuzzling her neck.  “Good evening, little one.”  “Good evening, Sir.”

“Little one, we are here because we have discussed the idea of public play and I know that you aren’t entirely ready to do something in the light yet, so we are here instead. Do you understand?”  She nodded looking around at the empty area around them. “We will go to a secluded area of the park, but then I will do as I please with you.”  “Yes, Sir,” she murmured.

They began to walk towards a cluster of trees with a wooden table and grassy area.  “Sit on the table and spread your legs little one.”  She hesitated for just a moment looking at Sir and in her hesitation she received a slight slap on the ass.  “Go now, pet.” She sat on the edge of the table and spread her legs for Sirs viewing. Sir leaned her slowly backwards and took a seat in front of her spreading her for his pleasure. “Mm, you are already, pet, clearly this excites you.”

He began to slowly lick inside of her wet pussy.  Spreading her wet lips, licking up and down.  He watched as she struggled to contain her moans.  He slid a finger into her tight pussy and began to run his tongue over her clit.  Slowly he slid a second finger into her while he continued to use his tongue to flick her clit over and over again.

She felt his tongue flicker over and over again against her clit.  She tried to fight the building orgasm and the moans that were threatening to overflow from her mouth.  She didn’t want to cry out, but she couldn’t fight it.  Sirs mouth and fingers just felt too good.  As she laid under the moonlight she let out a moan that echoed in the silence.  “Good girl, let it go.”  She let the orgasm rip through her body as her pussy clenched against Sirs fingers drenching them. She felt his fingers slowly pull from her body and she heard his pants being unzipped.

She was so beautiful laying there open for him to use and he was about to do just that.  He gripped her legs and without warning he plunged into her tight pussy.  He loved the feel of how tightly her warm, wet, pussy gripped him as he plunged in over and over again.  He wanted it to last but he also didn’t want to get arrested.  His little one was getting louder and louder by the minute losing her inhibitions, his little exhibitionist.

She couldn’t control the sounds coming out of her mouth.  She wanted desperately to keep quiet but she couldn’t.  He felt too good, filling her over and over again. She felt his balls slapping against his ass and felt as his cock tightened inside of her.  She clenched against him wanting to feel him fill her.

He felt her clench her inner walls against him and he slammed against her harder, growling and filled her, marking her.