Titled: Fear (new writing) Second Chapter

Chapter 2

She was grateful for a long day of work, she was busy and before she was even aware her boss was tapping her on the shoulder “Kat, my dear hard working girl, have you eaten today?”

Startled she looked up from her work “Um, no, I don’t think I have.” 

“Well off you go then, I can’t have my hardest worker keeling over from fatigue because she forgets to eat.  Please take your time too, I know you were here early and while I love that you work your ass off for me, you must eat.” 

“Sorry Alyssa, you know I just get wrapped up in work some days.” 

“More like every day dear” Alyssa said with a smile. 

“Now go and get yourself something to eat, please.” 

“Alright, thank you, I’ll be back soon.”

“If I see you back within the hour, I’ll shoo you away!” she said smiling and walking away. 

 There was a reason she didn’t take lunch, money was always tight, even with her job most of that money went to paying bills, rent and her student loans, but she survived.  Most of the time she went and spent some time in the sun, the days it rained she would always claim she wasn’t hungry and just work through the day.  Those days often left her drained and tired, but she loved what she did and took pride in her work, no matter what the cost.  Today was a nice day so she figured she could go and kill an hour in the park.

When the elevator doors opened there he was again, she hesitated to go in, but decided it would be silly to wait for it to go all the way down and come back up again, so she stepped in. 

“Are you following me now?”

“Perhaps, or perhaps it’s just a lucky coincidence,” he smiled and her heart stopped, why did he have to be so damn gorgeous. 

What the hell was happening to her?  She turned from his smile and faced the front again in an attempt to block him out of her mind and body. 

“Are you headed to lunch” he asked interrupting her thoughts.

“Um, yes, I was going to head to the park for a bit to relax.” Why did she tell him so much, why was she over thinking what she was going to tell him. 

“You’re not going to eat” his eyes narrowed and his voice stern. 

She turned to face him, “I don’t think that’s any of your concern, now is it,” she snapped.

He scowled slightly, then put on that beautiful smile and said, “Then you’ll accompany me to lunch.”

“No, thank you.”  

“It wasn’t a request” he said firmly taking her elbow, guiding her through the lobby and out the double doors. 

“I said no thank you, I appreciate the thought, but I’m fine” she said firmly pulling her elbow from his grasp.  

How she didn’t fall over was beyond her.  From the moment he touched her she could feel the heat surging through her body and was desperate to regain control, before she lost it completely.  He paused and she could see him struggling to control something, when he said “I am asking you nicely to please come to lunch with me, it would make me happy to treat you to lunch and perhaps learn about the lovely woman I seem to keep running into.” 

She almost laughed aloud at his words but instead said “Really, lovely woman?  I’m sorry to seem so crass but you must really need to get laid if you think I’m lovely,” and then she laughed right in his face. 

Before she knew what was happening he had gripped her arm and pushed her through the open door into the back seat of his Rolls Royce.  She didn’t know a lot about cars, but she knew enough about them to know that this was an expensive car.  The car itself was black; the windows heavily tinted the interior an eggshell white, in a word it was beautiful just like the owner. 

 Once she stopped admiring the interior of the car, she turned furiously to the man who had just manhandled her but before she could get a word out, he kissed her.  It was a hard, punishing kiss his lips angrily seeked passage against hers, she tried to fight his nudging tongue but granted him access by parting her lips slightly.  His tongue slipped greedily into her mouth exploring every corner and crevice.  Finally gaining control and gasping she pushed against him and pulled herself away trying to catch her breath.

“Now shut up and let me talk” he said. 

“Talk! What gives you the right to throw me into the back of your car and then kiss me?! I don’t even know who you are and you fucking kissed me!  Let me out of the car now!” she said angrily. 

“No” he said calmly. 

“Excuse me?” 

“You heard me, you will not leave until you’ve heard what I have to say.”

“Oh, I’m sorry did I need to re-iterate the fact that you SHOVED ME INTO THE BACK OF YOUR CAR, kissed me and I have no idea who you are?” she yelled at him. “You could be a murderer or rapist, or god knows what,” she said shrinking away from him. 

“First of all, I’m neither of those things.  Second of all, even if I was there were have a dozen witnesses who saw you get into the car with me, so you can scratch that off your list.  If you’d be quiet you’d hear what I have to say and we could proceed with this much quicker.” 


“Oh thank you for putting my mind at ease and please tell me quickly so I can get out of here.” she said sarcastically. 

 “I want you.  You want me.  I get what I want.  It’s as simple as that.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Ah, did I finally take the words from your mouth, good then perhaps you’ll let me finish.  I’ve wanted you since I saw you in the coffee shop this morning.  I get what I want and I want you.” 

“Are you done?” 

“Not even close.” 

“Well you are now; you’ve said all you’re going to say. Stop the car and let me out.  I don’t care where we’re at, I will find my own way back to the office.” 

“If you were mine you would not speak to me that way and you would eat.” 

“First, I will never be yours.  Second I am not anybody’s property.  So let me out now,” there was a terror in her eyes and she knew it. 

Growling and muttering something beneath his breath he called up to the front to pull over.  As soon as the car stopped she opened the door and started walking away from the stopped car.  She didn’t care what direction she was going, she just needed to get away.  


Titled: Fear (new writing) First Chapter

Chapter 1

She begged her eyes to open, but they refused.  She felt a weight on her arms and chest pushing her into the bed, she couldn’t see the weight but could feel it.  She struggled to get away knowing what was coming next, the burning that would accompany the knife wounds.  She tried to slow her breathing; to regain control of the nightmare to bring herself out of it, but it wasn’t working and she felt her body being shoved into my mattress.  She tried to scream but nothing would come out.  She thrashed and felt her body jolt as it hit the ground. Her eyes flew open, and her hands stumbled to find the light switch on the wall.  She flipped it on and light flooded the room.  She was alone.  Her body covered in thin layer of moisture.  She took a few deep breaths and shakily stood up and made her way into her living room and kitchen, flipping on lights in each room to assure herself that she was alone. 

There was no way that she was going to be able to fall back to sleep now, she looked at the clock and saw that it was only 3:15 a.m.  She still had 4 hours before she even had to leave for work. She sighed and looked to her four-legged best friend, “looks like I’m not getting any more sleep tonight Peanut, want to go for a walk?” 

Peanut perked her head up at the words she heard.  Kat sighed and began to put on some comfortable clothes and gathered Peanut’s leash and collar.  She got Peanut on her leash, grabbed her keys and made sure all the windows were locked in her apartment, and then headed out. 

She was lucky she lived within walking distance from a nice park.  She began to jog and Peanut happily obliged.  She wasn’t afraid to run in the wee hours because she knew most people saw Peanut and stayed away, she was the sweetest dog, but the fact that she was a German Shepherd made others hesitant to approach her.  They ran for a good hour and headed back home.  She still had about two and a half hours left until she needed to be at work, but she had given up sleep, so she hit the shower.  She took her time, slowly and methodically washing every part of her, completely ridding herself of her most recent nightmare.  When she felt cleaner, she stepped out and went ahead and dried her hair taking her time to actually style it, since she had the time.  Her hair was a rich, dark chocolate brown, with natural light highlights running through it.  It was long and painfully straight, but when she took the time to style it she could get a bit of a bounce in it with a loose curl. 

She didn’t have an extensive wardrobe, but that never bothered her.  She had enough to get by and that was enough.   Today she decided on a black knee length skirt that hugged her body nicely, a big white belt, black tank top and white blouse with light ruffle.  She grabbed her favorite pair of black and white stilettos and headed out. She still had way too much time on her hands so decided to treat herself to breakfast and coffee since she couldn’t remember the last time she went out to eat. 

She headed to her favorite coffee shop next to her office.  She loved her job, she’d only been in Seattle a short time, but she loved everything about it.  She loved how she could live in a quiet neighborhood and still only be twenty minutes away from the action.  She never saw herself working in a big city, in a huge office building but here she was.  She was quite happy; she worked as a legal assistant on one of the many floors in the Morgan Enterprises building downtown.

She treated herself to a large white chocolate mocha, her favorite, and granola and yogurt. She still had some time before she had to head to the office so she sat in one of the plush seats and decided to pull out a book and read before she had to leave.  She never had a problem losing herself in the books she read no matter what the genre.  She was reading and was slowly drawn out of her trance by the feeling that she was being watched.  She tried to shake it off, but the feeling would not go away.  She took a deep breath and slowly looked up to where she felt the gaze was coming from and found herself staring back at the most beautiful man she had ever seen.  She felt herself gasp and stomach tighten and then slowly drew her eyes back down to her book. 

Get a handle on yourself Kat, it’s just a guy, and he probably wasn’t even looking at you.  

She tried to calm herself by taking another bite of food but she could still feel him watching her.  She pulled out her phone to check the time and saw that she had only a few minutes before she had to head out.  She began to gather her things and suddenly felt self-conscious about her belongings, her purse was clearly worn, her phone old, and she suddenly felt very conscious of her outfit. 

Ugh, this is ridiculous, why should I care what I’m wearing, she thought. 

But she knew why, even though their eye contact had only lasted a second she had managed to get a glimpse as to what he was wearing and knew that it was expensive, probably more expensive than her whole wardrobe.  She didn’t have time for this and hurried to get out of the coffee shop before she had a chance to think of anything else. 

She never got tired of walking into her work building it was beautifully decorated, modern but it didn’t feel like an office building.  She headed to the elevators and pushed the button for the 13th floor. Just as the door was about to close a large dark hand inserted itself between the doors and they re-opened and in stepped the man from the coffee shop. The moment he stepped into the elevator she could feel the electricity between them.  She did her best to look forward, but the pull coming from the man beside her was overpowering.

“Good morning, I believe I saw you at the coffee shop this morning” he murmured. 

Oh god, even his voice was sexy, calmly she replied “Mm, yes I was there this morning, but I don’t recall seeing you.”

He touched her shoulder lightly and she gracefully moved aside as if it was an accident he touched her.  “I think you saw me and wanted me just as I wanted you.”

Thankfully the elevator interrupted whatever was happening and she quickly made her way out of the elevator and into the safety of her office.