Thank you! Can’t believe…







Um, holy crap, I have over 100 followers and over 200 likes!!

I have only been blogging for a short while and so many of you are already supporting me.  I cannot tell you how much that means to me.  I know I’ve said this before, but I’m sending out a sincere thank you to every single person who has taken the time to read any of my posts and like them.  I want to thank everyone who has followed me since I started my blog.

Seriously, I never imagined that people would read what I wrote, or care what I thought about certain things.  I am so grateful for all the input and for the opportunities that I’ve had since starting this blog.  I love that I get to share my own writing and the books that I love.

The support that I get for my writing and my book reviews is unbelievable and I look forward to continuing to share them with you.  With all the support I’ve gotten I’m actually going to be able to hold more giveaways too! I’m looking forward to that 🙂

At any rate, I’m starting to get off topic… thank you, to all of you.  I appreciate you more than you will know! 🙂


Thoughts on the paths we take….

Every decision that we make changes the path that we are on.  Every choice, insignificant or not influences that path we are on.  Without fail there will be roadblocks and bumps on whatever path we are on.

Lately the path that I have chosen has secluded me from those around me.  I am an already private, ambitious person.  This particular path is allowing my ambition to flourish but taking me into a different place personally.  I love this path.  I’m exhausted, but learning and happy.

I don’t know if there is a true point with this post other than to say, understand that with every choice there are consequences.  People won’t always understand why you make the choices you make and they will drift away from you.  Be comfortable enough with who you are, what you want and what you’re doing to know that the decisions you make are the best for you.

To find yourself…

She looks in the mirror wondering where this pain and emptiness is coming from. She feels it deep inside her very soul.  She has people around her that care.Things that surround her and fulfill her, yet still she knows that she is missing something.

She cannot put a name on it, but she knows that when she finds it she will have found herself, a serenity that she has been missing.

Without a name to search for it, she had no way to find it. For years she searched high and low, in places unspeakable, but nowhere she looked could she find that missing piece of her.

She struggled day-to-day to find that piece of her, until one day she stumbled across something.  Slowly she began to open herself up to people and they began to help her discover herself.  Soon she began discover that the emptiness she was feeling wasn’t something she had to face alone and she wasn’t alone.  There were others who had felt what she had felt and been where she had been and found themselves too.

That emptiness that she had felt, began to fall away.  She began to feel comfort in her skin. Began to explore her desires and needs.  Began to define herself.  Still on a daily basis she learns more about her desires, wants and needs until she grows into herself.

Thank you!

followed-blog-50-1xUm, holy crap, I have over 50 followers!! I just wanted to take a moment a give a sincere thank you to every single person who has taken the time read any of my posts and like them.  To thank everyone who has followed me since I started my blog.  Never in my wildest dreams, did I think that people would actually read what I wrote and enjoy it.  I am so pleasantly surprised that people not only appreciate my book reviews, but also enjoy my erotica writings.  My writings were always something that I kept private for fear that I would be judged for them and people would find them disturbing.  I am so glad that is not the case and the more support I get the more I want to share.

This is my thank you to all of you.  I hope that I can continue to please you all and bring you lots more erotica and book reviews.  Thank you for making my safe haven such a wonderful place for me.  🙂

Word Vomit

I know I don’t generally vent on this blog, but sometimes you just need an outlet to kind of let loose. Then I promise a really awesome, but messed up book review and another erotic story.  First I just need to word vomit.  For those that finish reading this post, I thank you and apologize in advance.

This month has been rather atrocious for me personally.  I mean in the grand scheme of things, no it really hasn’t been that bad.  However, for me personally it’s sucked balls.  I’ve tried to compartmentalize and tried to keep it all in but then there is that one thing that finally just pushes you over the edge and it all falls out.  So I have my bitch session for point two and then shove it all back in where it belongs.  Yes, I’m aware it’s not healthy, but it works.

In the span of about three weeks two things happened to my body and one thing in my personal life. My body is healing, my personal life hurts right now.

The thing in my personal life I was happy, I made a change to better my career and you would think that friends would be happy for you, but I found very quickly that was not necessarily the case.  I also found that apparently conversations had in private with upper management don’t stay that way.  Basically it became childish, it sucks you know? I gave a couple of years of my life and this is how it ended.

But there isn’t anything that I can to do to change how others act, all I can do is be held accountable for how I act.  I think that is what I realized through this whole experience, yes, I could feel bad for trying to better myself. But I’m not, because if I do that, then I’ll constantly be putting others in front of myself and never gaining anything in return.  *shrugs* I don’t know that I am any more satisfied after writing this post but at least I got to say something…

Stay tuned for more book and erotic writing and thank you to all those who read my posts.

Writing Frustration

I hate that I can spend several hours writing something and then as I re-read it, think to myself maybe it’s not good enough for others to read.  Maybe it’s not something that others would appreciate or want to read.  So, after spending the past several hours, writing and re-writing a story that has the potential to be at least several chapters it is currently sitting in my drafts as I decide whether or not share it with all of you.

It’s hard to put something that you work on out there especially when you know it’s not you’re best work, but it is still something that you would like to explore and see where it will go.  So, as I go and continue work on the this frustrating piece of work, I ask all those that have written and do write, do any of you have this problem?  If you do, what do you do?