A sneak peek at one of my Works in Progress

This is an unedited look at one my works in progress. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you to everyone who has supported me 🙂

I motioned for the bartender, “Another shot please.”

The bartender gave me a look, “That’s your fourth shot, and you’ve been here about fifteen minutes love.  Running from something or someone?”

I laughed, “A little bit of both.”

He brought my shot and slid it in front of me, brushing his fingertips against mine, “Need someone to run to?”

I grabbed the shot glass, smiled and tossed it back, savoring the burn, finally feeling the effects of the alcohol hitting my system. “No thanks, but thanks for the offer.”

I placed the shot glass on the bar, pulled a fifty out of my pocket and laid it next to the shot glass. “Have a good night, keep the change.”

I made my way towards the crowded dance floor, the alcohol flowing through my system, the beat of the music pulsing in my ears and I started letting go. Forcing myself to let go of the pain and frustration of the day, I began to sway my hips to the sound of the music, letting the beat guide me as I swayed and danced.  I felt a pair of strong hands on my hips as they tried to pull me closer.  I turned around and faced a good-looking man, but gently removed his hands from my hips and shook my head no.  I wasn’t here for a hook-up. I was here to forget.  The man smiled and stepped away.

I continued to dance, feeling a light-headed, but not drunk. The floor became more crowded, the room became hotter, I watched as the crowd parted slightly and there he was the very person I was trying to avoid, standing right in front of me.  I stopped mid-sway and stared at him, he stepped towards me, grabbed my waist in his large hand and pulled me to him placing his other hand on my head.  I could feel his chest rumbling as if he was saying something, but it was too loud to hear anything.

Quickly he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards a hallway, there were already people lined along the wall, but the minute they saw him coming they scattered.  He pushed me roughly up against the wall, pinning my body with his.

He brought his lips to my ear, “So this is what you do when you’re angry, you run out and come to a club so other men can touch you?” He growled.

Oh shit, I was in trouble. I went to open my mouth to defend myself and his lips came roughly down on mine. It wasn’t the gently kiss I was used to, it was a bruising, punishing kiss, that had me groaning in his mouth.  My hands were begging to touch him, I tried to raise them but he pushed me harder into the wall.  As he pulled away, he nipped at my lips.

“I don’t care if you told people no when they tried to touch you, you are mine and I am yours. If you wanted to blow off steam you should have said something. I would have come with you. But you ran.” He said while biting and licking my neck.

“Now you’re going to be punished.”

“Here?” I squeaked.

He placed his forehead on mine, kicked my legs apart and without the normal preparation shoved a finger inside me. I moaned feeling myself dampen as he worked another finger inside me.  I began to arch my back, trying to create more friction.  He pushed my legs wider and put another finger in me, I cried out and looked at him as he watched me. He reached over and twisted my nipple, causing me to get even wetter.  Bastard, he knew how much I enjoyed that.  My legs began to shake and my pussy tightened against his fingers. I was going to cum soon.  Then he pulled his fingers out and used his wet hand to reach in his pants and grab his already hard cock.

I watched as my juices coated his thick, hard cock as he stroked it.  I reached out to takeover and he slapped my hand away.  I looked at him my eyes distraught. I wanted to be the cause of his orgasms just as he was with mine.  That’s when I realized, that I was being punished.  I wasn’t going to be allowed to cum and he was going to take what I wanted to give him.

My head dropped to chest and he lifted it so I was looking at him.  His eyes were sad, but his face determined.  He continued stroking himself and I watched as his cock grew and finally he came and shot it all over my skirt.

He grabbed my cheeks, softer this time and kissed me lightly.  “Come home when you’re ready to talk.”  Then he tucked himself in and walked away, leaving me in the hallway covered in cum, horny and disappointed in myself.


Lily’s Adventure Pt. 1 of 2 (maybe three hopefully only 2)

She wasn’t expecting anything when she went out that night, all she wanted was to get her mind off of her stupid ex, have a few drinks at the local hotel bar and then head home.  She made it to the bar and ordered her usual.  She wasn’t really paying attention to her surroundings, she was just kind of lost in her own thoughts.  It wasn’t until she heard a deep voice ordering something next to her that she shook out of her stupor.

She accidentally nudged him with her elbow, “Oh, I’m sorry about that.”

“Not a problem,” the deep-voiced man said.

She slowly let her eyes scan him up and down, he was gorgeous, what her best friend would call sex on a stick.  He was over 6 feet tall, dark and muscular.   While her eyes wandered his body, she could feel his eyes, scanning her.

“Lily,” she said sticking her hand out. She watched as he took her hand and wrapped it in his much larger one and brought it to his lips and lightly kissed it.

“Nice to meet you Lily,” he said.

“Um, yes, you… you as well,” she stuttered back.  What the hell was that? She thought to herself, she doesn’t melt for men, she didn’t even melt for her ex, but him, she was butter.

She felt his breath against her neck and up against her earlobe as he whispered, “Must be a lot going on in that head of yours, your emotions are flashing like crazy across your face.  Want to head upstairs for another drink where we can hear ourselves talk?”

She felt herself nod as she took the hand that he laid out for you, realizing she knew nothing about him.  Didn’t know his name, didn’t know if he was married, had kids, diseases, anything, but she didn’t care.  She was in a trance.  She wanted him and she wanted him badly.

He led her to the elevator and as soon as they were alone in, he pinned her against the wall.  His tall, dark muscular body, against her petite, light skin posed a beautiful picture. He crowded her space, leaned over her, tilted her head to the side and slowly began to caress the side of her neck with his lips and tongue.  She moaned out loud, feeling her pussy actually begin to tingle.

The elevators door chimed open, he took her hand and said, “To think Lily, we’re only just beginning.”


My shirt is ripped from my chest, my skirt pulled roughly down my legs, leaving me in only my thigh highs and heels.  I’m pushed to my knees and I fear what is about to happen.  But instead of a dick, I feel my hands being pulled behind my body and tied by what feels like a silk rope.  My body is positioned in the middle of the living room, knees spread slightly apart and head down, so that when he comes home I’ll be the first thing he sees when he walks in the door. 

The men removed themselves from the room a shiny knife, my motivation to hold my pose. Time creeped slowly by, my limbs tense, I begin to lose myself in my head, when I hear the sound of a key in the door.  I know it is him.  “Baby, I’m home, why is the…”

I know he’s seen me, I wonder what he must think of me in my apparent tousled look. “What the fuck happened?!” I feel his footsteps approach me and as I lift my eyes to try and warn him away I watch as one of the men step from the shadows and grab him.  They bring him to me and push him roughly to his knees beside me.  I watch as two big black men step in front of me, while one steps in front of him.  I feel the heat as another stands behind me, I can only assume it is happening to him too.  

We are surrounded. I watch as the men in front of me remove their pants, revealing the largest cocks I’ve ever seen.  I’m entranced by the sight of them, so much so that it disgusts me. These are men who have pushed their way into my home, yet I’m turned on by the sight of the soft, cocks.  I hear a noise beside me, as I turn my head I watch as he goes to talk and a cock is shoved into his mouth. He’s never sucked a cock before, I wonder if he’ll be any good at it, if he’ll even enjoy it. 

I feel a tap at my cheek and quickly turn my attention to the cocks in front of me.  Obediently, I opened my mouth and began the task of trying to suck in such a large dick.  I licked around the head to get it wet and then slowly sucked it in past my teeth.  Breathing through my nose, I began to slowly suck him deeper into my mouth, just when I was about halfway there, he pulled roughly from me and the other cock was placed in front of me.  I repeated this process over and over again.  To my side I heard the sounds of slurping as he tried to suck the black cock all the way back. At one point he was just sitting there with his mouth open being face fucked.  

I continued my sucking and felt as the cock behind me grew and grew.  Then I felt the mans fingers from behind me slip down into my ready and wet pussy. I didn’t want it to be wet, it shouldn’t be wet, everything about this was wrong, but I was enjoying, I was enjoying being fucked by these strangers.  I must have been lost in my thoughts because all of a sudden my hands were released and I was thrust forward.  My hands barely saving me before my face met the hard ground in front of me.  I watched in horror and slight fascination as the same thing happened to him beside me. 

Suddenly the man behind me thrust into me. I cried out.  Never had I ever felt a cock so large. There was no pleasure it was pain, he was too big to fit inside me.  I begged for him to take it out and he laughed telling me to relax and it will all be better.  I tried to breathe, to move, to relax, then they began to shove their cocks in my mouth again, I was full in both ends.  Then I heard him cry out next to me and I knew he had been penetrated, but much sooner than mine his cries turned to moans, moans of pleasure and they were thrusting against one another like they’d never get another chance.  He began to move in me and the fullness I felt was so overwhelming I focused on the cocks around me.  Finally the man behind me grunted his release and I felt relief thinking it was finally over.  

The men merely switched places.  One that had been at my mouth, moved to my pussy and began to fuck me, the one that had just fucked me came to my mouth and offered his cock to me.  I had no choice but to clean it.  I opened my mouth and licked him dry alternating between the two in front of me.  Soon the man behind me grunted his release and again came to my front.  The final man slid right into me.  I opened my mouth and allowed myself to be a receptacle for their release. When he was done I cleaned him and I was finally granted my freedom.  

I looked over to see him looking longingly at the men who came on him and brought him to orgasm and nodded.  Out the door they went and took him with him.  I hoped they would be happy together.  I had hoped that this experience would show him who he truly was, a cum slut for men.  

It looked like it worked and saved me the experience of an awkward goodbye.



What does it mean to be completely free.  To completely let yourself go. How does one achieve this?

Is it the person you’re with or is it about you.  Believing in yourself enough to know that it’s okay to let go.  To have the self-confidence to know that there is nothing wrong with you or your desires.  Or is it truly the commanding power of the one you are with.  Their dominance so overwhelming and comforting that you have no choice but to let your true self come out.

How do you know if it’s the right person? How do you trust when you’ve been burned in the past.

Questions that run freely.


My body is tense, tight with need. 

I need release more than I can breathe. 

I fight against the bonds you’ve shackled me in. 

Pushing towards the strokes you grace me with. 

There is nothing I desire more than release. 

But I wait. 

I wait til you take me to the edge over and over again. 

Until I’m red all over. 

My eyes pleading to you words I cannot say. 

Then inch by inch you slide into me.

Filling me, stretching me until I cry out. 

I beg you to fill me.

Use me.

Mark me.

Fuck me. 

Make my pussy yours and yours alone. 

One Night Only Teaser

I was naked, on my back, my arms bound to the headboard, my legs spread and waiting.  How did I get here?

It was just a few words,  one night only, no promises, no tomorrow, just one night of passionate sex, yes or no. 

I remember looking at the men across from me, thinking they were crazy, but when I looked into their eyes I saw a combination of lust and passion.

I don’t know what made me say yes, maybe it was the way they looked at me, maybe it was the way it felt when the two of them surrounded me, but I said yes.

Now here I am naked, bound and anxiously waiting for them.











Her hands bound high above her head.

Her mouth gagged, drool slipping from her lush lip.

Her pussy dripping and ass full, still her eyes beg for more. 

He wanted nothing more than to give her what she desired. 

He pulled his flogger from his bag and watched as her nose flared and eyes widened. 

He began to caress the backs of her legs with it. 

Watched as goosebumps lined her body. 

He pulled back and let it fly over her luscious ass. 

Watched as her ass turned a precious pink then a lovely red. 

Heard her moans through the gag. 

Watched her arch into his swing as he covered her with his mark. 

His cock thickening with each stroke. 

He yanked the vibrator from her pussy as he landed the hardest blow to her ass and watched as she threw her back cumming.  

Releasing her from her shackles he looped her arms around his neck and plunged into her. 

Needing to feel her, needing release almost as much as he needed to breathe. 

He nipped, caressed, stroked and felt as she pulsed around him.  

Her walls hugging him he knew he could release himself into her, but he wanted more, more pain, more pleasure, more everything.