A sneak peek at one of my Works in Progress

This is an unedited look at one my works in progress. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you to everyone who has supported me 🙂

I motioned for the bartender, “Another shot please.”

The bartender gave me a look, “That’s your fourth shot, and you’ve been here about fifteen minutes love.  Running from something or someone?”

I laughed, “A little bit of both.”

He brought my shot and slid it in front of me, brushing his fingertips against mine, “Need someone to run to?”

I grabbed the shot glass, smiled and tossed it back, savoring the burn, finally feeling the effects of the alcohol hitting my system. “No thanks, but thanks for the offer.”

I placed the shot glass on the bar, pulled a fifty out of my pocket and laid it next to the shot glass. “Have a good night, keep the change.”

I made my way towards the crowded dance floor, the alcohol flowing through my system, the beat of the music pulsing in my ears and I started letting go. Forcing myself to let go of the pain and frustration of the day, I began to sway my hips to the sound of the music, letting the beat guide me as I swayed and danced.  I felt a pair of strong hands on my hips as they tried to pull me closer.  I turned around and faced a good-looking man, but gently removed his hands from my hips and shook my head no.  I wasn’t here for a hook-up. I was here to forget.  The man smiled and stepped away.

I continued to dance, feeling a light-headed, but not drunk. The floor became more crowded, the room became hotter, I watched as the crowd parted slightly and there he was the very person I was trying to avoid, standing right in front of me.  I stopped mid-sway and stared at him, he stepped towards me, grabbed my waist in his large hand and pulled me to him placing his other hand on my head.  I could feel his chest rumbling as if he was saying something, but it was too loud to hear anything.

Quickly he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards a hallway, there were already people lined along the wall, but the minute they saw him coming they scattered.  He pushed me roughly up against the wall, pinning my body with his.

He brought his lips to my ear, “So this is what you do when you’re angry, you run out and come to a club so other men can touch you?” He growled.

Oh shit, I was in trouble. I went to open my mouth to defend myself and his lips came roughly down on mine. It wasn’t the gently kiss I was used to, it was a bruising, punishing kiss, that had me groaning in his mouth.  My hands were begging to touch him, I tried to raise them but he pushed me harder into the wall.  As he pulled away, he nipped at my lips.

“I don’t care if you told people no when they tried to touch you, you are mine and I am yours. If you wanted to blow off steam you should have said something. I would have come with you. But you ran.” He said while biting and licking my neck.

“Now you’re going to be punished.”

“Here?” I squeaked.

He placed his forehead on mine, kicked my legs apart and without the normal preparation shoved a finger inside me. I moaned feeling myself dampen as he worked another finger inside me.  I began to arch my back, trying to create more friction.  He pushed my legs wider and put another finger in me, I cried out and looked at him as he watched me. He reached over and twisted my nipple, causing me to get even wetter.  Bastard, he knew how much I enjoyed that.  My legs began to shake and my pussy tightened against his fingers. I was going to cum soon.  Then he pulled his fingers out and used his wet hand to reach in his pants and grab his already hard cock.

I watched as my juices coated his thick, hard cock as he stroked it.  I reached out to takeover and he slapped my hand away.  I looked at him my eyes distraught. I wanted to be the cause of his orgasms just as he was with mine.  That’s when I realized, that I was being punished.  I wasn’t going to be allowed to cum and he was going to take what I wanted to give him.

My head dropped to chest and he lifted it so I was looking at him.  His eyes were sad, but his face determined.  He continued stroking himself and I watched as his cock grew and finally he came and shot it all over my skirt.

He grabbed my cheeks, softer this time and kissed me lightly.  “Come home when you’re ready to talk.”  Then he tucked himself in and walked away, leaving me in the hallway covered in cum, horny and disappointed in myself.


Naked in Nashville – Boyfriend Bookstand











Summary:  Three girls who met in college, who seemed to have nothing in common, found friendship based on circumstance and their love of books. Their post college journey has brought them even closer.
Through it all they have kept their sister-like bond tight and their blog page, Boyfriend Bookstand, keeps it even tighter.
When Haylie sees that she is going to lose her coffee shop, The Daily Grind, if she doesn’t make drastic changes she begins keeping secrets. A chance meeting with a flame that is still scorching her panties and an offer she can’t refuse, gives her the immediate, yet temporary, fix she needs to solve her financial problems.
When Haylie confesses her sins to Marley, Marley becomes hell-bent on making her slight obsession with hot ass fitness trainer, Ryan Baker, and an author’s cry for help into a brand new business plan that will solve all their problems. Will her need for control and his insistence on it shatter the dream, or the lens?
In a constant state of post orgasmic bliss and finally realizes that letting her hair down, and getting her girly parts waxed has its benefits. Victoria is ready and willing to try anything once and embraces the idea too.
Look out Nashville, the Boyfriend Bookstand girls are ready to bring it to you hot and hard.

~Clothing optional and batteries not included~



I have read both Kink vs. Class and Grinding in Greenville and I have to say that this book by far is my FAVORITE. The girls have grown up but are still as close as ever. You can tell that they have matured through their writing and the experiences that they are going through. It’s still the same girls, but they handle things a little bit different this time around.

I HATE spoilers, in reviews, so I won’t give them, but I’ll give you a little synopsis.

Haylie has The Daily Grind but things aren’t always as they seem. Not to mention an old flame comes back into play and their time together will have you fanning yourself and wishing you were her!

Victoria is finding herself and coming out of her shell and I absolutely LOVE it. I love watching her and Jake’s relationship blossom and grow. She’s becoming sexier and more confident and doing things she’s never done before.

Marley is Marley, what can you say about her? She’s finding herself and a new passion. Her persistence and passion to help not only herself and those around her, make it fun to watch as everything unravels around them.

It’s hot, sexy and a book that is not to be missed.

To purchase or get more information about Naked in Nashville visit: Amazon or Goodreads


Author Haylie Harbour

Haylie contributes the person she is today to the tragic circumstances she faced as a child. She learned at a very young age that life can throw you a curve ball at any moment.

Her motto’s are; “No matter how bad your life may be, someone else has it worse,” and  “Strength,” it’s what gets us through the day.

When she needed an escape she found it through books. She began reading very young and as she got older her taste in books change from sweet and innocent to a little more risqué.

If you saw her today you would probably see her with a book in hand (the dirtier the better). She is an avid reader of anything smut. You name it she’s probably read it.  In more recent years she has acquired a taste for the darker side. She most enjoys it when an author pushes her limits.

She loves the friends she has bonded with through reading and loves lending a helping hand to those in need.

Author Victoria Andrews

Victoria is a happily married mother of two.  Nothing brings her greater joy than spending time with her family.  Hearing her children laugh is music to her ears. She love’s to put on country music and dance around the house with the girls while cleaning, cooking and doing everyday tasks that may seem boring, and mundane to others.

She is often found outside by the pool reading while her girls swim.   Talking to Haylie and Marley on the phone and online or attending their bi- monthly “book club”meeting is her adult time. She say’s “I don’t know what I’d do without them.”  Grinding In Greenville is the first book these three woman have written together, giving y’all a look into what goes on in Tori’s seemingly boring life when she winds up with these two crazy women she lovingly call my best friends.

Author Marley Roberts

Marley Roberts is a free spirited, book junky who loves the male form. The harder the better.

Born and raised on a farm in Woodstock NY with her father(s), mother, sister, extended family of vagabond, pot smoking, hippy, peace lovers, Marley ran as fast as she could seeking normal at– COLLEGE??????

What she found was a respite from being judged by small minded asshats, hot ass boys who knew nothing of her past, and two of the best friends a girl could ask for.

Today she spends her day in her penthouse apartment she shares with Haylie. That also serves as Boyfriend Bookstand HEADquarters * wink * reading, hanging out online, and finding new toys (plastic and those of attached to hot, delicious males) to play with and share with her present and future author friends.

For additional information on the ladies you can find them at any of the following links:

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