Too Much To Lose – Samantha Holt – 4 Stars



Title: Too Much To Lose
Series: Family Tree Series
Author: Samantha Holt
Genre– Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: 5th September


Summary:  Have you ever been so desperate you made a decision that would haunt you forever?

Jess has. She became a porn star.

Jess is on the run from her past. She has no friends, no life. She tries to forget everything that happened to her all those years ago. After changing her image, leaving her home and getting a new job, she’s determined it won’t happen again. If that means never being close to anyone ever again, then so be it.

If only Hunter O’Reilly didn’t make her wish things could be different. Hunter needs this job. After being screwed over by his partner—make that ex-partner—his investigation business is on the line. Already in debt, he eagerly takes on the job of finding some stolen money at triple his going rate and all leads point in Jess’s direction. He expects problems at that price. But he doesn’t expect to fall for her.

However, no job is ever that simple. When he’s forced to spend more time with her, the lines between business and pleasure are blurred. And once Jess’s life comes under threat, they have to make a decision, can they both overcome Jess’s past?



I liked this book, to be perfectly honest, I had just read a book that made me ugly cry and this was a welcome reprieve.  I would definitely recommend this book to those that are 18 and up, just due to the content within the book. It’s hot and steamy and not really appropriate for a younger audience.  It’s the first book in the series and didn’t end on a cliff hanger, which was nice, but it still leaves the reader with the hope you’ll be getting more.

Jess, has a past and she’s on the run from it. She has no friends and doesn’t try to put herself out there to make any.  She wants to leave her past just where it is, in the past.  Hunter is a private investigator and his business is on a quick downward slope.  Someone hires him to get close to Jess and figure out what she’s hiding.

The more time they spend together the more they begin to question their choices.  Should Jess really have to be alone, maybe she can trust people again.  Hunter begins to believe that people aren’t always what they seem, while others are exactly what they are, sweet and kind.

As the book continues you’re thrown into several twists and turn.  It will definitely hold your attention and have you wondering what will happen to Jess and Hunter when the smoke clears.

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Samantha lives in a small village in England with her gorgeous twin girls and husband who is a trained bodyguard and ex-
soldier. She traditionally writes historical romances involving chivalrous knights and hot highlanders, but occasionally dabbles in contemporary romance.

For additional information on Samantha can find her at any of the following links:

Amazon Author PageWebsite/Blog, and Facebook


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